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big band express
Big Band Express Dec 20

Your bands will be performing their last concert of the year on Saturday December 20th at 7 PM in the Armory, (Bonham Civic Center) 1100W. 5th.
New songs and additional players have been added for this CHRISTMAS TREAT.
Richard Knabe, band director at Whiteright High School will be directing the Community band in the place of Mr. Monte Ashcraft who could not make this date.
As always, there will be FREE refreshments served at intermission.

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Christmas shopping is a breeze at the Creative Arts Center!

We have new pottery, gourds, confections and other goodies in the gift shop and wreaths have been put on sale - only $35. Ornaments, wood and glass for the home, jewelry - you name it; we have it!

Come shopping - we're open through Christmas eve. web site


Bonhams local maker of cheese
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twister Saddle
sadle on twister

Devil on the Red
Pecante and sauce maker
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Bonham now wet and the beer
& wine is availabe at stores

Individuals or bands interested in
Chrystal Opry House should
contact Bill Hayes at 903-546-6893 or

Terri Hendrix (San Marcos,TX)
Lloyd Maines
, backup (Bastrop, TX)
Sunday, January 25, 2015; (3-5p)

Andrew McKnight (Virginia)
Saturday, February 28, 2015   [time TBA]

movie theater
The Majestic 6 Theater

Bonham Visiter Center"

Fannin County texas -Bonham Area

Chamber of Commerce

Sale every monday 11am

Red River Hourse Sale
Savoy Tx
2nd & 4th
saturday each month

If you have any suggestions as to things visitors to Bonham might like to do.
If you have questions
i'll try to help.
phone at 903 583 9741
I will try to include them.


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